Tax Matrix Has Been Discontinued

Based on traffic to and usage of the ELA on-line Sales Tax Matrix together with at times partially answered requests to states, ELA has discontinued the web based format and will shift to compiling the Matrix during the annual ELA Tax Executives Roundtable. This shift to yearly updates will relieve volunteer Matrix Advisory Council members that face demanding schedules by tapping a broader group of industry members. ELA will schedule a session during the Tax Executives Roundtable to develop and populate a sales tax matrix from the collective input of conference participants.

The online Sales Tax Matrix would not have been possible without the investment of time and money by Tax Partners, LLC. When ELA sought a volunteer to post and maintain this member service they stepped forward without hesitation. I expect Tax Partners will remain engaged as this product evolves and that involvement is appreciated.

Tax Partners was joined by a volunteer committee including Balboa Capital Corporation, Banc One Leasing Corporation, FirstLease, Farm Credit Leasing, CIT, Key Equipment Finance and National City Commercial Capital. This core group augmented by other attendees at the Tax Executives Roundtable can refocus the matrix when the conference convenes at the Millennium Knickerbocker-Chicago from Monday, June 12 through Wednesday, June 14, 2006.

Dennis Brown, CAE
VP, State Government Relations
Equipment Leasing Association