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If your company is an ELA member, you are an ELA member. Check this Lessor Directory to see if your company is a member.

ELA Members

Forgot your password, or need one issued?

If you are with a current ELA member company and don't have a password, or you have forgotten the one already issued to you, please hover your mouse arrow over the red "User Login" area to "Request Access" or "Email My Password".

It's possible that your company has not renewed ELA membership for 2005!

Dues for 2005 were due December 31, 2004 and the one month renewal grace period is over as of February 2, 2005. If your company has not yet renewed for 2005

These will be reinstated upon receipt of dues. Check with your company's ELA Key Contact or email to check your membership status and get renewal options.

Other reasons your access code may not work...


Join ELA

Sure, its frustrating that you can't get to the best parts of ELA Online, but that doesn't even scratch the surface of all that you're missing! Here's some information on joining the Equipment Leasing Association. To request a membership application packet, fill out the Membership Application Request Form.



If you are a member of the media, and promise to write only positive, flattering pieces about leasing (just kidding), you can obtain a free password* by faxing a request on your publication's letterhead to Donald Ethier at (703)527-2649.


To obtain a password* please send your name, university, address, major, and expected graduation date to Lisa Levine at


To obtain a password* please send your name, university, and complete contact information to Lisa Levine at

* Note: ELA retains the right of refusal and will issue passwords to non-members at its own discretion. The free passwords will change occasionally. If you had a free password that no longer works you may need to get the new one from your contact at ELA.

You also may call ELA at (703) 527-8655 during the business hours of 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

All requests will be handled promptly.