Mission Statement and Objectives

Mission Statement And Objectives

Mission Statement

The Association exists to promote and serve the general interests of the equipment leasing and finance industry.


A. Information, Communication and Networks

The Marketplace, Market Strategies and Industry Developments.

Objective 1: Provide Industry and Association News and Information.

Objective 2: Provide Opportunities for Business Growth Through Market Information and Assistance and Through Networking Opportunities.

B. Representation and Promotion

Public Support for equipment Leasing and Finance in the Capital Investment Process.

Objective 3: Convey to Publics the Size, Range and Value of Equipment Leasing and Finance Products as Essential Contributors to Capital Investment and Economic Growth.

Objective 4: Convey to Investing Publics the Attractiveness of Equipment Leasing and Finance as a Business for Debt and Equity Investment Through Information on the Nature of Rewards, Risks and Operations of Companies in the Industry.

Objective 5: Promote Public Policies Which Support Capital Investment and Which Maintain Market Driven Decisions Between Leases and Loans as Sources of Capital.

C. Management Resources and Professional Competency

Informed Equipment Leasing and Finance Practitioners and Industry Resources.

Objective 6: Develop and Deliver Training and Educational Activities Leading to a Higher Level of Equipment Leasing and Finance Knowledge and Practice.

Objective 7: Develop and Provide Resources, Analysis and Reference Services on the Equipment Leasing and Finance Industry.

D. Industry Unity and Strength

Common Values and Principles, Member Directed.

Objective 8: Based on the Reinventing ELA Task Force Report, Provide for Diverse Needs and Characteristics of Association Members.

Objective 9: Emphasize the Business Principles and Standard of Ethics that Unify the Industry and Illustrate How Collective Action and Unity are Linked to the Benefit and Well Being of Member Companies.

Objective 10: Promote and Provide Opportunities for Widespread Direct Member Participation in the Association.