Participation Plus

What is it?

Participation Plus is an annual program to recognize and say "Thank You" to those member companies and their employees that actively participate in ELA.

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Does my company qualify?

To be a part of this new program, an ELA member company must have a participation ratio of 3 or more. The Participation Ratio is ELA's method of tracking your company's involvement in the association. All employees of a participating member company are eligible for the benefits of the Participation Plus program.

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How is the Participation Ratio calculated?

For every non dues dollar your company spends with ELA (excluding advertising) — conferences, sponsorships, exhibits, PAC and Foundation donations, publications — ELA awards one point per dollar.

Additionally, ELA assigns point value for individuals at your company that volunteer their time in one of the following activities:

To arrive at the final ratio, which is calculated annually, the total points earned from activities and non-dues dollars are tallied and divided by a member company's dues.

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How can I qualify?

It's simple. Just actively participate in ELA-attend a conference, make a PAC or Foundation donation, join a committee, fill out a survey. All these activities help your company to earn that "3" ratio that qualifies them.

2006 Participation Plus Members
Check the list to see if your company qualifies for the 2006 Participation Plus program.

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Why do I want my company to be part of Participation Plus?

Look at some of the Special Rewards and Services enjoyed by qualifying member companies:

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* Conferences included in Participation Plus Program are:

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