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Are you looking for advocates in finance and business investments. Our Financial Group offers legal advice in the structuring and formalization of all types of financial, fixed income and structured and securitization transactions, both nationally and internationally. We have extensive knowledge of the sector and the needs of customers, regulatory and supervisory entities that affect them and the most innovative instruments in banking and financial practice at all times, which positions us among the most recognized firms in Spain and Portugal.

Our advisory services include all kinds of corporate and structured financing operations. These operations include, among others, corporate financing, acquisition financing, asset financing, structured finance and projects; operations sale and lease-back ; other types of asset outsourcing; asset, mortgage and synthetic securitizations; assignment of credits; issues of fixed-income and structured instruments and others of a financial nature; and consumer loans.

Likewise, our practice also includes the customized design of financing structures, simple or syndicated, in one or several tranches, according to the needs of the operation; the structuring of real and personal guarantees according to the specific needs of the case, optimizing the costs of the guarantees and the consumption of own resources; bankruptcy issues, in order to efficiently ensure bankruptcy remoteness and an adequate guarantee structure.

Our advice also includes debt restructuring and refinancing. In this sense, we advise in situations of corporate crisis, both debtors and creditors, participating in the negotiation and preparation of the different instruments in which these restructuring are articulated, including stand-still agreements and formalization of "fresh money" injection operations. pre-bankruptcy, in order to adapt the economic-financial and patrimonial structure of the company.

Likewise, we advise international funds in the acquisition of "distressed" debt, both corporate and portfolios of loans in default (both loans without collateral and guaranteed with real estate mortgage), as well as in the implementation of optimal tax structures and appropriate strategies for the appropriation of assets or conversion of debt into capital.

Our services

Corporate financing and acquisitions: advice on simple and syndicated financings, structured in one or several tranches, senior and subordinated, to undertake investment and development plans, as well as in financing of corporate acquisition operations, such as LBO, MBO, MBI, public offerings and private equity finance in general.

Infrastructure financing (PPP / PFI modalities):Our advice includes the preparation of tenders for public tenders and follow-up of the bidding process, negotiations with the Public Administration (whether at the state, regional or local level) and the design and structuring of financing alternatives and their guarantees for the construction and operation of public infrastructure under the concession regime.

Real estate financing: advice on structured and simple syndicated real estate financing in its various modalities (promotion, construction, pre-operation, exploitation, VAT and leveraged with 100% LTV and with participation in capital gains) with mortgage guarantees and pledges on credit rights, both for the part of financiers as well as the financed entity and, above all, type of real estate (such as shopping centers, offices, hotels, logistics centers, business parks).

Project financing: advice to sponsors and financing banks in the structuring of financing operations of national and international projects; in particular, those in structures under the concession regime and those that qualify as investment grade . In this type of operations, we advise on the preparation and negotiation of project contracts and the structuring of financing alternatives and their guarantees, with tax optimization and other costs.

Structured financing and debt issues: We have a solid practice in issues and placements of all types of securities and fixed income instruments (including simple obligations, subordinated, special subordinated, promissory notes), warrants , certificates, preferred shares, convertibles, mortgage certificates, territorial certificates, high yield bonds and advice on MTN programs for various entities, as well as on OTC derivatives, collateral and financial guarantees.

Asset financing: we have extensive experience in financing the acquisition of certain goods (high-speed trains and wagons, machinery, engines, aircraft, oil and gas tankers, medical equipment, hardware and software, etc.), through direct loan and lease.

Securitization: We carry out securitization operations in their various modalities (mortgage, asset and synthetic), advising both the originator and the management company, the rating agencies or the placement banks. Likewise, we actively participate in the structuring of liabilities financing through conduits abroad and in loan assignment operations (productive or non-productive loans).

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