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Banner Ad Sponsorships

Why Advertise on ELA Online?

On average, ELA Online averages nearly 300,000 page hits a month from people within the industry or interested in the industry. Simply by accessing the site, visitors to ELA Online - primarily leasing executives and sales and marketing personnel - show they are hungry for information.

Just like placing display ads in printed publications, display ads on Web pages provide Internet visitors with as much information as you wish to give. Web advertising, however, carries one distinct advantage: hyperlinking. Visitors to ELA Online are lead directly to your site simply by clicking on your ad, making our site's users your potential customers.

By hyperlinking you can:

  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Capture New Business
  • Establish a Web Presence
  • Drive Traffic to Your Site

How to Advertise on ELA Online

Step 1. Decide where to advertise

The sections below - among ELA Online's most frequently visited - are open to advertising.

Positions & Pricing:
FundingSource* 8 7

View current FundingSource Sponsors.

Member Directory** 8 1

View current Member Directory Sponsors.

News 8 3

View current News Sponsors.

*You must have a current listing in the FundingSource Section to qualify for this advertising space.
**You must be an ELA member to sponsor the Member Directory Section. Non-members wishing to learn more about ELA membership should check the ELA membership link, or contact our Membership Department at membership@elamail.com.

Other E-advertising Opportunities!
Sponsor the ELA ELT Enews Daily. For a minimal cost, your company's ad can run in the industry email newsletter. The ELA ELT Enews Daily brings the hottest leasing industry news right to lessors' desktops every day.

Visit ELT Enews Daily Sponsorships for information on sponoring Enews.

ELA uses the most popular and common means of banner ad display. The "Positions Available" are a rotation of eight banner ads that are presented at random on the pages within the ELA Online Section chosen. Each time a page is loaded, banner ads are chosen at random from the eight to fill the ad position(s) on that page. Care has been taken to give each advertiser in each section excellent exposure to the extremely targeted ELA Online viewership. Each ad you purchase will remain in the rotation for one quarter of the year.

ELA reserves the right to change rates, positions, sections, image specifications, and rotation.

Step 2: Take Care of the Paperwork
Fill out the ELA Online Banner Ad insertion order, found in ELT's media kit. The following info is required:

Sign the insertion order and fax it to: Nick LaRich at 440.247.1068. If you do not have ELT's media kit, call Nick LaRich at 440.247.1060 or email nlarich@larichadv.com

Payment due to ELA upon receipt. Advertisers with accounts outstanding 60 days by space closing date will be restricted from advertising until account is brought up to date. Additionally, all 60-day overdue accounts will incur an additional 1.5% penalty per month on the outstanding balance. ELA reserves the right to require pre-payment with ad reservation.

Step 3: Supply Materials
ELA reserves the right to change image specifications.

Advertising Rates
Questions, Orders, More Info

Contact Nick LaRich at (440) 247-1060 or nlarich@larichadv.com.