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ELAWiLTalk: Women in Leasing Email Discussion

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ELA Women in Leasing Talk is a list for women professionals in the equipment leasing industry to share views and comments, post questions and answers and stay connected to industry buzz. It was created to stimulate dialogue and communication among women employed by equipment leasing companies regarding work-related issues.

This list was created for you, the users. Please feel free to participate. It is only through active use that a "virtual community" will evolve. The list is "self-moderated" -- you are responsible for what you post. It is a free member service to employees of ELA member companies.

All subscribers can post comments or questions to engage in electronic conversation on leasing-related issues. Every inquiry will automatically be received by all subscribers. Respondents can direct answers to you alone or post their email response to all ELA Women in Leasing Talk subscribers.

Messages can range from basic concepts related to industry practice to specific issues women face in the workplace. Subscribers should ensure comments are fact-based, as ELA will not edit communications. Those subscribers posting email messages are not anonymous as their return email address always will be posted. Subscribers posting defamatory, illegal or otherwise inappropriate messages may be blocked from the list server.

ELA Women in Leasing Talk should not be used as a means of offering to buy or sell equipment, lease-related transactions or any other property, transaction or interest. Such activity is inappropriate, may violate applicable law, and may result in the loss of participation privileges.

Comments transmitted by subscribers are not edited by the Equipment Leasing Association of America and the Association does not affirm these statements or certify the accuracy of views contained within their comments. Subscribers are advised to consult with counsel before instituting actions based on information posted on ELA Women in Leasing Talk.

The ELA wishes to thank the members of the Women in Leasing Council, under whose guidance this listserv has been established. Members of the Women in Leasing Council are:

Questions relating to ELA Women in Leasing should be directed to ELA Vice President of Professional Development, Lesley Sterling lsterling@elamail.com.