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For more than two decades, Principles of Leasing has remained the #1 workshop to get the leasing basics. Here are some of the reasons:

A Choice of Workshops - Original and Advanced - Decide Which One Is Right for You
ELA recognizes that leasing professionals have different levels of understanding and experience, and therefore a "one size" workshop does not fit all. Please review the workshop overviews, summary of workshop subjects and target audiences to decide which workshop is right for you.

Bring Principles of Leasing - and other Needed Training - In-House
If the dates and locations listed on this brochure don't fit your schedule and you have 10 or more employees you would like to send to the Original Principles of Leasing, or Advanced Principles of Leasing, ELA can bring the workshop to you. For further details and pricing, call Lesley Sterling at 703-516-8365 or email her at lsterling@elamail.com

ELA can also provide in-house training on a number of other topics. Contact Lesley Sterling for details.