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What is PDF?
Why the Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format?
The Adobe Acrobat Reader
Before You Download the Acrobat Reader
Follow these three easy steps
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What is PDF?
Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) is a universal file format that preserves all of the fonts, formatting, colors, and graphics of any source document, regardless of the application and platform used to create it. PDF files are compact and can be shared, viewed, navigated, and printed exactly as intended by anyone with a free Adobe Reader.

Why the Adobe Portable Document Format?
The Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) allows us to offer an easy to read format and fine detail of images with a very small file size for faster downloading. The PDF format also allows you many options such as zoom in/out, copy/paste of text or images, viewing PDF files within your web browser's window, and lots more.

The Adobe Reader
Before you can take advantage of everything PDF's offer, you need to get the free Adobe Reader program. The process to download your free PDF reader is very simple and well worth the effort. Remember, you only need to do this one time, then you can read all the PDFs you come across.

Before You Download the Adobe Reader
First, check to see if it's already installed on your computer. The easiest way to do this is to double-click on a PDF file you've downloaded. If the reader is installed, the reader will open and display the file. If not, a box will pop up asking you what application you want to use to open the file.

Follow These Three Easy Steps:

1. Download the Adobe Reader
The Adobe Reader is free and can be downloaded directly from the Adobe website. There you will find simple instructions to help you download and install the reader. If you run into trouble, contact Adobe tech support.

2. Download PDF Files
PDF files can be found primarily in the ELA Store and the Foundation Library, but may also be found in other areas of ELA Online. Follow these instructions for Downloading PDFs.

3. View PDF Files
You can open a PDF either by double-clicking on the file or, in the Adobe Reader, by choosing File > Open. You can choose from several viewing options in the View menu or click on the magnifying glass icon to zoom in on areas where you want more detail.

Helpful Resources
Below are some resources to help you get the most out of PDFs and the Adobe Reader. Adobe's website is the best source of information and resources.


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