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It's all about connections...

Since 1961, The Equipment Leasing Association has served as an ally to nearly 2000 companies involved in the innovative and prosperous equipment leasing and finance industry. Today we are a national organization with nearly 800 members and a staff of 25 professionals.

Our diverse membership consists of Independent Leasing Companies, Banks, Captives, Financial Services Corporations, Broker/Packagers, and Investment Banks, as well as service providers like Accountants, Consultants, Equipment Managers, Executive Recruiters, Insurance Companies, Lawyers, Publishers, and Software Providers.

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Why should your company join ELA?

Shouldn't you be connected to the business development opportunities?
National conferences like the National Funding Exhibition, with over 500 attendees, and the Annual Convention, with over 1,000 attendees, provide a valuable opportunity to gather information, network and do business with your peers and your customers. To serve the ever-changing needs of members, ELA is constantly strengthening and expanding these opportunities.

Shouldn't you be connected to the Industry information we provide?
Industry research, reference resources, business surveys and other information outlets help put the latest information on New Business, accounting issues, and other critical aspects of your business at your fingertips. ELA is committed to performing this valuable research so that you have the up-to-date information you need.

Shouldn't you be connected to training workshops and seminars?
Classes like Principles of Leasing, topical conferences, online learning opportunites, and timely publications can prepare your employees for the jobs you need them to do. ELA strives to offer members even more new education options by introducing new products as well as improving current programs.

Shouldn't you be connected to ELA's advocacy program?
Efforts like Capitol Connections are designed to improve the visibility and image of the leasing industry. The association's work to foster favorable federal and state rules and regulations for leasing, on issues like Tax Laws, Product Liability, Off Balance sheet accounting, and Section 467 Regulations, help create a favorable business climate for you. ELA is steadfastly focused on strengthening and protecting your rights as a lessor.

Whatever your needs, we are glad you are interested in becoming a part of our organization and want to begin serving you as soon as possible. Take the time to explore all the information contained in our site and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Let us connect YOU to success!

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General ELA Membership Information

There are six membership types at the Equipment Leasing Association:

ELA memberships are offered to companies, and individuals at each company use their organization's membership. Transitioning Individual Members are the exception to this, as the membership is for one individual not affiliated with an organization at the present time. All memberships are considered equal and have the same rights and privileges. All annual dues start at $2,300 and are based on company type and company size (with the exception of Transitioning Individual Members). The entire dues structure is outlined on each membership application. The application also provides a dues calculation worksheet allowing companies to see exactly how their dues are calculated. First year dues are pro-rated from the month of application.

In order to request a membership application, please fill out the membership application request form found below. Your membership type will be based on your company type and will be determined by the ELA Member Services department.

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Membership Application Request Form

Please complete the following profile form that we request of each potential new member.

This document assists us with collecting information about your company so we may send out the correct membership application information. Once submitted, you will receive your membership application within 4-6 business days.

Thank you for your interest in ELA!

Membership Application Request Form

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A Member's Story

Is just joining enough? Membership must equal Participation!

Over the years we've all joined a number of organizations. There have always been a variety of interesting clubs and organizations to join, each group having our participation in common. Without it, the group fails and our benefit from it disappears.

Now, in business related organizations, we sometimes feel that we have little to offer and just go along with the crowd. Then, somewhere along the way, probably at an ELA conference or convention, we make one little comment and somehow it opens the door to those around us to move in a new direction. As a result, we feel we have arrived.

In 1969 our company joined ELA. We went to our first convention in Puerto Rico in 1969. A new member, we planned to just sit back, watch, and learn. Shortly after arriving, we were asked to sit on a panel discussion regarding brokers. Since we were doing our own paper and brokering paper we agreed. Seizing that opportunity to participate was an excellent decision. Having learned so much in one open discussion period, we have been active ever since.

The objectives in joining are threefold (at least). First, to be on top of the latest and the best in your industry. Second, to network with your peers, and third, to avail yourself to the strength in numbers theory.

While these are worthwhile reasons to join, there is even a better one called dialog between competitors in an environment that allows everyone freedom of expression. A few hours spent in open dialog with our peers can be very rewarding. Great ideas are usually made up of small ideas from a number of knowledgeable people. While not everyone has the entire answer, dialog encourages the merging of ideas and these discussions more often than not lead to new and innovative ways to handle many situations. However, there is one catch if you truly want to benefit from this type of open forum.

It is imperative that each member participate by contributing ideas. Remember, it is often the small ideas that make the big ideas work. Your lonely little idea may very well be the key ingredient in the solution for a much more complex problem. Keep in mind that, without your interjection of what may appear to be a small idea, the problem may go unsolved.

The point here is to participate, whether it is in a roundtable or panel discussion, or even just attending a meeting. Those who aren't attending, and participating, may just be depriving everyone of the real answers. All Associations are much more effective when everyone takes an active role. This means attending meetings, becoming a speaker or acting as a discussion leader. Every job is important. Make the commitment to your company, and to your association, to be an active participant from this point on. Add your thoughts and energy and I guarantee that you will be rewarded with new concepts and greater ideas in the years ahead. It's your industry. Make it grow and prosper!

Bob Storey, Retired - Formerly of Master Lease, Inc.

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