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Service Management Interchange

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The ELA Service Management Interchange is an ELA sponsored service that benefits both Equipment Lessors and their Service Providers.

"We see strategic value in a unified industry approach where all members can benefit and participate. The ELA has made a long-term commitment to this initiative."

- Michael Fleming, ELA President

Easy to use, this web- based service generates new business opportunities, creates tighter customer relationships, improves service, and increases efficiencies through automated information exchange and activity tracking. This interchange facilitates all leasing related services across a broad spectrum of asset types.

This platform brings all service activities "online". All requests, communication and documentation - the sources of headache - are automated, consolidated, managed and standardized. As an ELA sponsored service, participants can be "live" quickly without the burden of additional software, hardware or IT investment.

Service Providers gain instant access to service opportunities from the world's largest asset owners and are provided with a suite of service management tools to manage their entire service management operation.

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