SSL Meeting December 2005 - ELA Comments

CSG Suggested State Legislation Committee
CSG Environmental Task Force
Electronic Waste Recycling

Dennis Brown
Vice President
State Government Relations
Equipment Leasing Association

Electronic waste recycling is an issue that must be addressed by state governments. Simplicity, conciseness and ease of compliance should be the key features of legislation successfully attaining the common goals of environmentally sound policy.

For the business to business equipment leasing industry, California Senate Bill 20 was not an innovative approach

For equipment lessors, there was nothing innovative when California Senate Bill 20 placed a transaction fee at the check-out counter that funded new bureaucracy with no thought given the compliance problems created in the commercial sector.

This discussion of the California program occurs before the Council of State Governments - Eastern Region Conference has completed model legislation that should be considered at the same time. Maryland has also enacted an innovative approach worthy of review while Maine has an altogether unique program.

The California statute should not be considered absent concurrent review of model legislation from CSG-East which is a collaborative effort between northeast states and Canadian provinces seeking to address this topic from a different perspective.