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Doing Business With Mexico (Global Business Series)

The Global Business Series is designed to ease the process of doing business abroad. Though each book concerns a different country, they all follow the same general format by describing how climates and geography shape unique cultures, which are perpetuated through insidious, subconscious imprinting of children by the family and school. Cultural conditioning is so powerful that it defines thought, determines behavior, and limits expression. If you understand your counterpart's cultural conditioning, you will have a great advantage. An understanding of how foreign cultures dominate and permeate foreign economies, politics, and business is vital for negotiating and managing abroad.

The Guide to Mexico for Business, 11th Edition

A unique "how-to" book for foreign companies interested in exporting to Mexico or starting up operations, The Guide to Mexico for Business is written by member executives of American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico in collaboration with the Chamber's trade specialists. This annual publication provides a comprehensive look at Mexico's business climate, legal and fiscal frameworks, customs and regulatory requirements, as well as labor concerns. Also included are insights into Mexican business culture, real estate costs, useful Web resources and the contemporary concerns of companies doing business in Mexico.

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