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Asia Inc (Magazine Subscription)

A business and economic news magazine covering the economies and business worlds of Asia.

The Asian Insider

Knowledge of Asian business is dominated by conventional wisdom, much of which has achieved the status of myth. Bestselling author Michael Backman has researched beneath the surface to reveal the things that you need to know about Asian business and society. Using a wealth of examples, case studies and anecdotes, he provides a revealing and unconventional picture based around key business themes. Business, business culture and culture are entwined to draw the reader from the outside into becoming an Asian insider. Written in the author's direct, sharp style, The Asian Insider is a fascinating read for anyone wishing to get to grips with Asian business and understand how Asia really works.

Harvard Business Review on Doing Business in China

The 50th title in the HBR paperback series highlights what every company must know to successfully enter and compete in the worldŐs fastest-growing economy

The potential opportunity in China is huge: it is home to a quarter of the worldŐs population, domestic consumer spending in China is growing by up to 10% a year, and relaxed regulatory restraints have opened China up to unprecedented levels of foreign investment.

This book will help multinational corporations and the managers who work in them understand the implications of ChinaŐs current stage of development and develop strategies for effectively competing in this environment.

Myths About Doing Business in China

China is rapidly becoming an economic superpower, yet has a very different business culture that is often misunderstood outside of China. This can result in costly financial and strategic errors. This book confronts the myths about China and Chinese business practice and gives the reader a clear understanding of the culture and how to engage with it successfully.

The New Silk Road: Secrets of Business Success in China Today

Based on interviews with the heads of operations of eleven top global corporations, The New Silk Road provides a fascinating account of how such companies as AIG, ASIMCO, Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Lucent Technologies, Novartis, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Shell, John Swire & Sons, Unilever, and United Technologies International broke into the China market. In a series of frank narrative accounts, these experts share what they have learned about everything from the nuts-and-bolts of developing a market for their products in China to the subtleties of the Chinese style of negotiating.

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